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Aug, 2016

ODP Journey for Two BHR Players

The Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a national program which is designed to identify & develop talented, committed youth soccer players to represent their state, region, and country in high level soccer competitions. It is also intended to aid in the preparing & showcasing of the players as student/athletes for exposure into collegiate soccer programs. 

Each year coaches from each soccer club can nominate their top players to participate in the State wide ODP program.  South Dakota and North Dakota participate as one unit called the Dakota ODP program.  The players will participate in numerous events over the year and in June, each state nominates the best players to advance onto the Regional pool competition.  Our Region is made of the following states:  ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MI, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH and KY.

The Black Hills Rapids have sent many talented members onto various ODP events and 2016 was an exceptional year as two of our members have been selected to the Dakota ODP team and moved onto to play in the Region II competition games in July.   These young men performed very well amongst Region II players from the 13 states, and have been selected to move onto play with the best players from each of the four soccer regions. 

Trey Bradley is a 2003 BHR member who will move onto to play in the Interregional event in Casa Grande, AZ in November.  This event is one of the highlights of US Youth Soccer ODP Boys and brings together the best players from all four regions of US Youth Soccer into one venue.  The goal of the Interregional event is to create an environment similar to what players may encounter when invited to travel internationally with the Regional team.  The event is structured in a way that allows for players to receive quality training and highly competitive games.  Players may be further identified and selected to participate in a domestic or international event as part of an All-Tournament team. 

Dawson Fairchild is a 2000 BHR member who will move onto play in the Interregional event in Bradenton, FL in late November.  The goal of this event is to allow the players selected to receive quality training and play competitive games against the other three Regions, as well as provide National team and college coach exposure.



Please congratulate these hard working young men on their accomplishments and the great representation that they provide of the Black Hills Rapids program.