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Aug, 2018

DA Team informational Meeting

From 7-8pm in the Maguire Family Meeting room at Dakota Fields on Wednesday August 8th, there will be an informational meeting for anyone interested in the Black Hill Rapids DA Team program.


The Black Hills Rapids are excited to announce our newest level of programming “The Developmental Academy (DA)” to the 05/06 age groups.

What is it?  The “DA” program is for those players who have the DESIRE and ABILITIY to play at the highest level the State of South Dakota has to offer.  This program will be modified but similar to the other “DA’s” around the country and is for those unique players who still desire more than anyone else is currently offering statewide.  This program is for those players who are wanting to make the commitment to compete at the highest level, with like-minded teammates and have goals of playing collegiately or as a professional.   The players in this program will get the full gamut of training available which will include technical and tactical training at the highest level, fitness and strength training, injury prevention training, nutritional training, mental strength training, and whatever else we can do to assist these players in reaching their fullest potential.

The “DA” team will be in addition to your current Select team and requires you make a 100% commitment to that team.  The players who make the “DA” team will have extra training sessions each week, play friendlies, and will seek to attend one or two of the highest level events possible. 

What ages?  We will start this fall with one Boys team and one Girls team.  The teams will be made up of players from the 2005 and 2006 age groups.  After the High school season is over we will add the 2003 and 2004 age group.

How much will it cost?  The cost for each player will be $250.00 plus expenses to travel and play in the events.  We will carpool in Vans with a couple of Chaperones and the players will all room in groups of 4 to keep the costs to a minimum.  We will also discuss some fundraising options to help with the cost.

Who will be coaching?  Dave Sharp (BH Rapids DOC) and Rob Reagan (DA Program Director)

When will it start?  Tryouts will be on August 15th from 6:00-7:30pm and August 19th  10:30-noon at Dakota Fields.  Teams will be announced on the evening of August 19th.  Academy training will start August 22nd and the teams will train together 1-2 times per week.   A full schedule will be set prior to tryouts.

How will players be chosen? Players will be identified through an open tryout process.  Players can also be invited by coaches but will still have to go through the tryout process.  Final decisions will be made by Coaches Rob Reagan and Dave Sharp.

Rob Reagan - Director of the DA Program                                   Dave Sharp, Director of Coaching, (605)390-9730            , (605)381-0898