About Us

The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club

The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club is the united organization created through the merger of the Rapid City Youth Soccer League and the Rushmore Soccer Club. We are proud to be an affiliate partner with the Colorado Rapids through the Rapids adidas Alliance. As a non-profit organization, we strive to operate professionally under responsible fiscal policies and create a value for our players and their families. 


An inclusive culture that benefits players, families and community while serving as a progressive model in youth sports.


Player development focused on individual excellence within a club environment.

Core Values

  • To provide quality coaching that engages, challenges and inspires young athletes, regardless of previous experience, to reach their highest level in the sport of soccer;
  • To provide the best possible facilities where talented young soccer players can access programming that allows them to enjoy the sport, to mature and reach their full potential;
  • To fulfill civic responsibility by actively participating in community partnerships and activities;
  • To encourage and provide support allowing our athletes to achieve academic success;
  • To provide a pathway open to all young soccer players who wish to participate, allowing them to reach their full potential through identification, education, and competition;
  • To provide an environment where young soccer players build character through the development of important life skills such as time management, responsibility, resilience, sportsmanship, work ethic and teamwork;
  • To provide an environment where open honest communication between staff, players and parents is encouraged;
  • To provide a structure and environment where winning is important but player development is paramount within a team framework;
  • To create a safe environment that contributes to the development of mentally and physically healthy individuals that have self-confidence and respect for themselves and for others,
  • To provide our membership with a high level of customer service that ensures a quality experience;
  • To create an environment that facilitates the growth of the sport of soccer and fosters a love of the game; and,
  • To provide a professional organization that operates under responsible fiscal policies and creates a value to our members.

Our Board of Directors

  • President: Kelly Thomas
  • President-Elect: Charles Culbertson
  • Treasurer: Eric Lee
  • Secretary: Cathy Bradley
  • Member-At-Large — Recreational: Rob Reagan
  • Member-At-Large — Academy: Theresa Adel
  • Member-At-Large — Select: Steve Bauer
  • Member-At-Large — General: Alf Riisnaes
  • Member-At-Large — General: Toni Sabrowski
Meetings of the Board of Directors are generally held every other week, and are open to the public. To get the time and place of our next board meeting, please contact us.


  • Policy & Procedure Manual (pdf)
  • Code of Conduct (link) (pdf)
  • Club Bylaws (pdf)
  • Risk Management (link)
  • Contact Us

    Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club

    P.O. Box 273 
    Rapid City, SD 57709-0273

    Email: info@blackhillsrapids.com

    Phone: 605-341-3846