Our Soccer Programs


Each of our soccer programs at the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club is unique, but fundamentally linked to each other. Our goal is to provide a complete structure that serves every type of player. From fostering interest in the game at an early age in our Recreational Program, to providing the highest level of training for the aspiring pro in our Academy and Select Programs, we are dedicated to growing the game and the players who participate in it.

Recreational Program

The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game of soccer in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best soccer players they can be, while maintaining a healthy and enjoyable approach to the game.
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Preselect Program

Preselect soccer is a developmental program for U9-U12 year old players that lasts from August through June of the next year. This program focuses on developing the skills and fundamentals needed to progress to our Select program later.
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Select Program

Select soccer is a program for players aged 13-19 who want more rigorous training and competitive games than Recreational soccer. Like Academy, the Select program is a one year commitment (Fall, Winter Indoor and Spring seasons).
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Player Development

The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club aspires to develop better players through player-centric education at every level, through a philosophy that focuses on the proper development of our players, instead of the short-term goal of winning a game or a medal.

Our training involves implementing age-appropriate curriculum at all levels to ensure the best development of players. We believe having the correct focus at each stage will allow coaches and parents to work together to help facilitate their players’ success. 

It is a long-term development model aimed at allowing our youth players to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game.