Preselect Program Overview

Our Preselect Soccer Program

U9 through U12

The purpose of the BHR Competitive Program is to provide consistent, positive soccer experiences that inspire players to reach their highest potential, become passionate about the game of soccer, and ultimately develop into well-rounded, successful adults.

This program emphasizes creating a playing environment that is more conducive to individual development over the team's development. The Preselect season runs from the first full week in August to June 1st of the following year. Typically, Preselect players will train three times per week.

Our Preselect program is based on giving a higher level of training and appropriate competition for kids wanting a little more than what the recreational program offers. Most of the playing opportunities will be in the Black Hills area. There may be some travel to communities that will be day trips, but no overnight stays will be needed (Pierre, Gillette, etc.). The players may also want to test themselves in a tournament or festival situation. If we choose to do that, it will be to a community like ours with a similar soccer program (Billings, Bismarck, Sioux Falls, Sheridan, etc.), with the goal of bringing these teams to our community as well. We want to keep travel to a minimum and make sure we are providing appropriate and quality competition.

The Director of Coaching will be able to assess what type of competition will be needed for each player and group of players. With the U9 age group, the search for appropriate competition will be different than the U12 age group.

To help parents decide whether this program is appropriate for their child, characteristics of players who might excel in our Preselect program are listed below. If your child displays a majority of these characteristics, they are probably suited to the Preselect level of play.

  • Demonstrates sound technical skills (ball control, dribbling, shooting)
  • Physically stronger, athletically quicker than most players within their age group
  • High level of coordination and agility
  • Aggressive during games in their attitude and approach to getting involved, tending to dominate play
  • Demonstrates a high level of focus and concentration during practices and games
  • Has started to narrow down the number of extracurricular activities, making soccer a high priority
  • Practices with a ball on own time outside of games and team practices