Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard that player fees are increasing dramatically, is this true?

Recreational fees have not increased. For our Academy and Select programs, fees are the same as what Rushmore Soccer Club has charged in the past for those age groups. For RCYSL Challenge players this is an increase compared to what they have been paying. But, in reality, a large majority of players will not see an increase in fees. See the complete fee schedule here.

We believe that you’ll be pleased with what you’re getting for your hard-earned money and will find that playing for the Black Hills Rapids is a great value. We are committed to providing the highest quality programs and long-term opportunities for our players who want to be involved in a higher level of soccer. This requires higher licensed coaches, a proven curriculum and other important resources that provide benefits that can’t be found for hundreds of miles in any direction.

What are the differences between the programs?

You can find some details about the programs here.

How do I register?

Registration for the Fall 2014 Season is now closed. Please be a lookout for our Indoor Recreation Program registration beginning in mid-September, and spring registration beginning in January 2015.

When are evaluations and tryouts?

Evaluations for Academy and tryouts for Select were held in June and July.

What kind of options do I have for paying for the programs?

You can pay up-front by check, or pay by credit card and automatic payment plans if you register online. We also hope you’ll take advantage of easy player fundraising opportunities which can greatly reduce or eliminate your costs. We’ll have more details about player fundraising coming soon.

Is there a discount for high school players?

Since soccer is now a sanctioned high school sport in Rapid City, our club is not affiliated with the high school soccer program or any other school activities. Therefore, we are not offering discounts to players participating in high school soccer or other extracurricular activities. Fortunately, because of sanctioning, players will no longer have to pay the $230 fee to play high school soccer as in the past, so that’s a big plus.

Why doesn't the Rec fee show the "Early Bird" discount?

The Recreational Program's "Early Bird" discount is calculated at checkout, which is the last step when registering online. The early bird discount ends July 16th.

What is this “Volunteer Fee” I’ve been hearing about?

Countless, unpaid hours are spent behind the scenes to successfully run a club like ours, and the “Volunteer Fee” is a great system that many youth sports organizations employ to keep costs down and quality up. Simply, it is a yearly refundable “fee” that is paid in lieu of volunteering to help the organization, and only applies to the Academy and Select programs. The amount is paid up front, and worked off through volunteering a certain number of hours. If you would rather not volunteer your time, you can simply forfeit the fee amount. Otherwise, once your time commitment is fulfilled, you have the option to be reimbursed or to apply the money to your player account. We hope you choose to give your time, because we could use your help. Learn more here.

Is the Rec program going to be eliminated?

No. In fact, we want it to grow and improve. Recreational soccer is the foundation of our club and we will be putting additional resources into it to make it a better experience for all involved.

Will my child be allowed to play other sports too?

Of course! Being involved in a variety of sports and activities when young is beneficial to proper development in many ways. However, we truly hope that we can make soccer your child's favorite sport.

Will we be required to travel to Denver regularly?

No, but Denver is a nice place to visit if you want to catch a pro sports game (like a Colorado Rapids match), do some shopping or whatever.

I have more questions, who can answer them?

Please send your questions to We'll try to get an answer for you as soon as possible.