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The Black Hills Rapids have partnered with for our club's uniforms and spirit wear. What does this mean for you? A few things. Not only can you order your uniforms and accessories easily and have them delivered to your door, but you can earn Goal Club points while doing it. Goal Club points are earned with your purchases and can be used to purchase other merchandise, excluding uniforms. The Black Hills Rapids also earn points from your purchases that we can use to buy items needed for the club. Additionally, Black Hills Rapids members receive a 15% discount on adidas footwear.

Need Replacement Gear?

Go to the Black Hills Rapids store and type in your player's last name in the search bar on the right side of the page to find their personalized items. You can also use the team roster drop-down list on the left side of the page to find your team and then click on the player name listed.

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Spirit Wear

Black Hills Rapids Spirit Wear

Show your support for the players and teams of the Black Hills Rapids and look good doing it!
Go to the Black Hills Rapids Spirit Wear Shop.