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Academy and Select teams participate in a higher level of play than our Recreational divisions, and have the opportunity to travel for tournament play. While it is fun and challenging, there are expenses that come with this type of play.


Academy and Select Players have two accounts with Black Hills Rapids; registration account and Player account. 

Registration Account

Any charges or credits related to registration can be viewed by logging into the Black Hills Rapids website. If you have never logged into the website, use the email you provided on your registration form as the user name and utilize the reset password link to be given a password.

Player Account

Player Accounts are used to bill tournament registration fees and coach travel expenses to players. This is also where you will see your credit for gift card rebate programs (ShopWithScrip, Safeway and FTC) team fundraising events and volunteer time credits.

Player account statements are emailed within the first seven days of each month. You will receive one statement for your family showing transactions for all players. The sender of the email will be and you may need to add it to your safe senders list. The subject of the email will include Black Hills Rapids Statement. These statements are sent to the email address associated with the registration or any other email address provided to the Player Account Manager.  If you change your email address please contact so you continue to receive your Player Account Statement. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW OR PAY YOUR PLAYER ACCOUNT ONLINE.

The Player Account statement must be paid according to the eligibility policy by the end day of each month. Mail your payment to the address indicated on the statement, PO Box 273, Rapid City, SD 57709.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VIEW OR PAY YOUR PLAYER ACCOUNT ONLINE. To be considered current with your payments you must pay your balance to $75 or less per player in your household. For example: November 30th statement had a balance of $125 and you have one player in the program. You must submit payment of $50 by December 30th. 


Black Hills Rapids policy states "After January 1st, any player account that has a negative balance of more than $75 at the end of each month shall be suspended from all activities and may not participate in any training or games until the balance is paid in full. While every effort is made to post fundraising credits as quickly as possible, players should not count on fundraising credits to be posted in order to remain eligible, but should plan to submit payments until the credits actually appear."

For example you received your November 30th statement but did not pay that statement by December 31st. Your player will be considered ineligible on January 1.

Eligibility reports will be pulled at the beginning of each month. Emails notifications will be sent to each family with players who are ineligible. The Team Manager and Coach will also be notified the player is ineligible. 

Being listed as ineligible affects your entire team, especially for tournament play. We strongly encourage players and their families to be responsible for their player accounts and registration balances. There are many opportunities to offset the cost. Please refer to the Player Fundraising page here for more information.

Who to contact with questions


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I am not receiving my monthly player account statement? 

The statement could possibly be going to your junk mail or spam. The sender of the email will be and you may need to add it to your safe senders list. The subject of the email will include Black Hills Rapids Statement. These statements are sent to the email address associated with the registration or any other email address provided to the Player Account Manager.  If you need to change your email address please contact the Player Account Manager so you continue to receive your player account statement.

What do the positive and negative account balances mean?

If you have a negative balance on your Player Account statement it indicates you do not owe anything. If you have a positive balance on this statement you will need to submit payment. This is one of those funny accounting things that seems backwards to the rest of us

When are fundraiser credits posted?

Fundraisers credits are posted when all money is collected for the event.  This could sometimes be a month or longer after it is completed. The credit will be posted against the oldest transaction for that particular player. 

How are rebates from grocery cards and Shop With Scrips handled?

Grocery card and Shop With Scrips rebates are considered family money. When one of these credits is received it will be posted against the oldest charge on the combined family account. 

Safeway Gift Card rebates are always posted monthly for the previous month. Any small rebates ($.50, $1.00 etc) are the rebates for a new card purchased. Reload rebates will be the larger amount.

FTC Gift Cards will show the charge for the card and a credit for payment given to us. The difference between these two amounts is your rebate.

Shop With Scrip rebates are posted for the current month. The plastic cards rebates are posted separately than the eCard rebates due to how the funds are received from the company. 

How are tournament and coaches expenses charged?

For Academy Teams tournament/event fees and coach expenses are charged based on the information provided to us by your coach or team Manger. If you see a tournament charge or coach expense it is because your team manager or coach provided us your name for that fee. Please email Player Accounts if you believe something is incorrect and we will research it further.

For Select Teams tournament/event fees and coach expenses are charged based on policy and the 60 day commitment signed at the start of the season. Even if your player has decided to not continue with the team the commitment letter was intended for the entire roster year and they will be charged tournament fees but not coach expenses. Policy states: 

  • “By signing the Team Commitment Letter, it is assumed that all players are assessed for, and will participate in, all events identified. BHRSC has a 60 day commitment window for all events. If a team member cannot participate in an event and notifies a team representative (i.e. coach or manager) of such before the 60 day commitment window, the player will not be charged for any coaching expenses for that event but will be responsible for the tournament fee. If the head coach identifies a group of players for a specific tournament, then only that group of players will be responsible for tournament expenses. If notice is given within the 60 day commitment window, the player will be charged for the event and all related coaching expenses unless the reason for the notice not to participate is for a family emergency, injury, or similar related event. Occasionally, teams find it necessary to enter an event with limited advance notice. This typically occurs early in the soccer year for events held shortly after the teams form in July and/or during the course of the soccer year as a substitute for planned tournaments which the team did not enter or for which the team was not accepted. If a team decides to enter any events with limited advance notice (that is within the 60 day commitment window described above), the commitment window will begin on the date when the event registration is submitted.” 
Why are gym rent fees being charged on our March statement?
When registration fees for 2014/2015 were set information was not available as to what the expense of indoor space would be.  Indoor space was not included in player registration fees. Communication regarding this did occur between the Player Account Manger and your Team Manager. Team Managers  were invited to a meeting in January where this item was discussed. They also received an email a week prior to statements being sent for March indicating these charges would be on the statements.



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