The Coaches' Corner

It is an honor to be the first to welcome each of you to the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club.

Our involvement in grassroots soccer has one goal. We want to assist in creating an environment in which every player enrolled in the organization has a clear pathway to participate in soccer at a level that matches both their ability and motivation. We believe that the board and staff of BHRSC are equally invested in this vision.

To accomplish this we will work with the administrators, coaches and parents to ensure that we are all using the same information to assist the player in their journey. Along the way we will not forget the reasons that we enroll young people in sport – benefits such as enjoyment, exercise and general wellness, fundamental skills, teamwork and the ability to deal with adversity are all building blocks that we can’t skip if we want to produce young men and women that are prepared to succeed in the world well after they conclude their youth participation in the sport.

We look forward to the responsibility that comes with educating the young people in the club and anxiously await the start of the fall season!

Brian Crookham
Sr. Director, Youth Development and Alliances
Colorado Rapids Soccer Club

Our Coaching Leadership

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