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Select Program Update

From Dave Sharp, Select Program Director of Coaching
March 19, 2015

I must say it is wonderful to be practicing outdoors on the grass again, not concrete floors or basketball courts. Coming from Arizona, I am still trying to get used to the indoor winter season (I am still fighting it though).

First there are some exciting things happening in the Select program of the Black Hills Rapids. This past weekend the U17/18 Girls Burgundy team was in Billings, Montana playing friendlies against the Montana State University Billings college team and another team from Montana. MSU Billings has an excellent soccer program and they are very interested in building a relationship with the Rapids so they can actively follow and recruit our players. At the same time, I was in Denver with Jacob Nunez and Jacob Hall from the U16 Boys Burgundy team to train and tryout for the under 16 MLS Developmental Academy team. On day one we watched the Rapids pro team train in the stadium (very inspiring), and then the boys trained with the U16 Academy team. The BH Rapids, as well as all of South Dakota, should be proud as the boys played very well and showed that they can compete at a very high level.

The US Soccer National "D" license course was held in Rapid City last weekend as well. We have eight candidates working very hard to attain their license. This is a 40-hour course over two weekends. They will work this weekend in Rapid City and then finish in July in Sioux Falls. Good luck and congrats to all of the coaches working hard to learn and become better coaches for our youth players.

We have many teams traveling in the next few weeks to Kansas City and Las Vegas for different tournaments. Both of these tournaments are high-level tournaments and the teams will see some great competition. It will be very challenging for us, especially as we will only have a few outdoor training sessions prior to the tournament. Please remember that we are working so that our teams are peaking, or playing their best soccer, in May and June for State Cup and Regionals.  The teams will not be peaking in the next couple of weeks but we still expect all the teams to be competitive, work very hard and compete the best that they can. This experience playing quality competition is extremely important to the overall progress and development of our players and teams. We need to be challenged, and the more we play against high-level teams the more we will be able to close the gap. These tournaments are very demanding physically, as well as mentally, so please make sure you stay positive and support them as well as the teams. Remember, the most important thing a parent can say is "I just love watching you play."

There are close to 100 teams registered in the Champions League and we nailed down the weekends last night. The exciting thing is that it looks like we will have Academy and Select teams going to the same locations on the same days. The team managers should be getting the info out to the teams right away.

Please notice on the schedules that I have added some "Friday Night Finishing" days. These will be super fun days where we set up many goals and have all the players who attend work on a bunch of finishing exercises. 

All ages, boys and girls, will work together doing what most players love doing the most and we actually spend little time practicing. It will also be a great day for our goalkeepers to get lots of extra work and coaching.

I really appreciate everyone's support and work to try to give our kids the best soccer program possible. I think we are doing the right things and the spring is going to be a great season. 

As always, please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, concerns or just want to discuss soccer.

Dave Sharp

Welcome to the Black Hills Rapids

It is an honor to be the first to welcome each of you to the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club.

Our involvement in grassroots soccer has one goal. We want to assist in creating an environment in which every player enrolled in the organization has a clear pathway to participate in soccer at a level that matches both their ability and motivation. We believe that the board and staff of BHRSC are equally invested in this vision.

To accomplish this we will work with the administrators, coaches and parents to ensure that we are all using the same information to assist the player in their journey. Along the way we will not forget the reasons that we enroll young people in sport – benefits such as enjoyment, exercise and general wellness, fundamental skills, teamwork and the ability to deal with adversity are all building blocks that we can’t skip if we want to produce young men and women that are prepared to succeed in the world well after they conclude their youth participation in the sport.

We look forward to the responsibility that comes with educating the young people in the club and anxiously await the start of the fall season!

Brian Crookham
Sr. Director, Youth Development and Alliances
Colorado Rapids Soccer Club

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