Player Fundraising

Making Youth Sports More Affordable

We're always looking for ways to help you raise funds for your player(s) and take a bite out of soccer expenses. Currently we have two types of fundraisers: Team Fundraisers and Individual Player Fundraisers. Team Fundraisers are coordinated through your team managers, while Individual Player Fundraisers can be started at any time and maintained by you.

Below are three Individual Player Fundraising options you should check out and begin using right away.


ShopWithScrip is a flexible way to earn money for your family’s soccer expenses, and it has the most shopping options. Shopping with "scrip" allows you to put your regular household spending to work at a wide variety of retailers and services.
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Safeway Reloadable Cards

Safeway Reloadable Cards are an easy way to raise funds through everyday shopping. You receive a 5% individual rebate to your player's account for your purchases at any Safeway store or gas station. 
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Wreath Fundraisers

Please support the following team fundraisers: