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Making Youth Sports More Affordable


ShopWithScrip is a great and easy way to earn money for your family’s soccer expenses with no additional expense to you! Shopping with "scrip" allows you to put your regular household spending to work, earning money that can be used for things like registration, camps and tournaments.

How it works: Once registered with ShopWithScrip, you can purchase physical and electronic gift cards to use at hundreds of retailers locally and nationwide – in-store and online. A percentage of your gift card purchases (2% to 16% depending on the retailer) will then be credited to your player's individual account.

How to learn more: Go to There you can find more information on how the program works, check out hundreds of participating brands and create an account. If you have additional questions please email us.

How to earn more: Plan ahead! Think about your normal household expenses and where you can earn the most money for your player. Gift cards are available for many large retail and grocery stores in our area, as well as gas stations and home improvement stores – so shopping with a plan can really add up fast. From office supplies to dining out, smaller things can add up too. And you can always give purchased gift cards… as gifts.

How to Get Started

  1. Go to the ShopWithScrip registration page to create an account.
  2. Complete the form. Be sure to enter your player's name in the "Student Name" field.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click the "I Accept" button. You will then be asked to create answers to challenge questions for online security reasons and then to enter your Enrollment Code.
  4. Enter the Black Hills Rapids Enrollment Code: 14CFD1624LL18
  5. Start earning money for your player!

Already a ShopWithScrip Member?

  1. After logging in, go to My Account
  2. Click Manage Non-Profits
  3. Click Join Another Non-Profit
  4. Enter the Enrollment Code: 14CFD1624LL18
  5. Make Black Hills Soccer the default organization

Other Important Info

Payments for gift card purchases can be made by check to the Black Hills Rapids or by PrestoPay, a secure, online payment system that directly debits your bank account. PrestoPay charges a 15 cent convenience fee per order. Credit cards are not accepted.

Checks (made payable to Black Hills Rapids) can be either mailed to P.O. Box 273, Rapid City, SD 57709.

There are three types of gift cards and availability varies from retailer to retailer:

  • Physical Card – The familiar gift card style with a finite limit.
  • Reloadable Card – A physical card that can have money "reloaded" quickly and repeatedly online as needed.
  • ScripNow! – An "electronic card" that can be printed out or saved to a device like a smart phone.

Physical cards will be ordered each Monday, and shipping normally takes only a few business days after payment is received and verified. Physical cards are shipped to a Black Hills Rapids representative and you will be notified when they arrive.

Your account activity, including Rebate Summary Reports, can be accessed through the Shop With Scrip website under the "My Account" tab.

Fundraising Options

We're working on several options for you to raise funds for your player(s) that can take a bite out of soccer expenses. The great thing is that they'll be really easy too – like just doing your normal grocery shopping, or turning other routine expenses back into money for your player's account! 

We'll let you know when new fundraising opportunities become available.