Pre-Select (U09-U10) Program Overview

Our Pre-Select (U09-U10) Soccer Program


Teams will be formed through the two “ID Sessions”. There are no official tryouts and there will be NO cuts made for these age groups. At tryouts, players will do technical skill work and play small-sided games, and parents will meet with coaches.

      These teams will follow the Rapids technical training curriculum in academy style groups and will be coached by one of the BH Rapids professional licensed coaches. The Pre-Select age groups will focus on technical training: primarily player plus ball at the beginning and progress with opponents pressuring the ball, and basic decision-making challenges while under pressure. By the end of the U10 year the players should meet the technical benchmarks, be able to compete in small-sided games and be ready to move into the competitive Select program. It is extremely important that these players grow and build their confidence in a fun, safe environment where they are heavily praised for trying and failing is OK. The U09 and U10 teams will train three times a week during the fall and spring and as space is available in the winter. Jalil Samavarchian (JJ) will oversee the development of all the U09 and U10 Pre-Select teams. Two days a week he will lead station type training where the players will rotate through different stations, each planned by JJ and led by one of the coaches. Once a week the teams will train with their Head Coach and team. The U09 and U10 Pre-Select teams will compete in 3-5 outdoor tournaments a year, 3-4 indoor tournaments, and play in an inhouse league.