Select Program Overview

Our Select Soccer Program

U13 through U19

The purpose of the BHR Competitive Program is to provide consistent, positive soccer experiences that inspire players to reach their highest potential, become passionate about the game of soccer, and ultimately develop into well-rounded, successful adults.

The Select program is for players who are serious and dedicated to the game. Players train three times a week and play appropriate competition to prepare them for challenging soccer matches regionally and nationally. Our goal is to create pathways for each player to get the proper experience in training and in competition that can move players to elite programs provided by the Colorado Rapids, ODP, and on to college soccer or more.

We may have more than two teams in an age group – creating Burgundy, White, Onyx or Blue levels for example. There will be some movement in these groups for developmental purposes, to create group and club pride, and to challenge players in different environments as they may improve or, conversely, move toward other interests or recover from injuries.

As with each of our programs, we are striving to create environments and experiences that players are seeking. Select is a competitive program, so there may be some cuts. If a player is cut, their other option would be to play in our recreational program, but our goal is to provide each player that wants a certain soccer experience, that experience if possible.

With our teams growing in age and ability, we may find that we need to travel further to find appropriate competition and showcase our kids to prospective college coaches. Our goal is to keep most of our travel within a reasonable distance (Billings, Bismarck, Sioux Falls, Denver). Some teams may need to look a bit further to find quality competition, like Kansas City, Minneapolis or other places. To reduce costs, we may need to be creative on how we get our teams to some locations – like taking vans with a coach and a few parents with teams, and sharing hotel rooms, much like a college trip.

The Select Program

  • Continues the instruction introduced in the Preselect Program
  • Emphasizes roles and responsibilities of positions
  • Sharpens tactical development while polishing technical ability
  • Focuses on developing individual skills
  • Develops team dynamics
  • Creates a challenging and fun environment for the players to develop technically and tactically