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Code of Conduct

Black Hills Rapids Code of Conduct

All parents, families, and fans are expected to display and uphold good conduct at all times and have consideration for the coaches, players, and officials. Positive support shown on and around the field presents an opportunity for players to excel.

Parents, family members, and/or fans who regularly or flagrantly disregard these principles will be subject to the Disciplinary Procedures described in the BHRSC Policies and Procedures Manual.

The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club Board of Directors has established behavior standards to govern coaches, parents and all registered players before, during and after games, and during training sessions. The Code of Conduct is applied during home and away games and tournaments, and is established to protect the integrity of the organization.

  • All coaches, players, and parents will conduct themselves in a manner that represents only the highest standards of sportsmanship. The integrity of The Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club will be held in high regard by all coaches, players, parents and others associated with the organization.

  • Do not address remarks to opposing players, coaches, spectators or referees except when remarks convey genuine friendship and respect, or are in response to questions by the referee.

  • Retaliation will not be tolerated at any level of play or within the organization.

  • Avoid comments or gestures, which express disgust or disagreement with referee calls. These are cardable offenses. Be aware that coaches, sidelines and players can be carded for unsportsmanlike behavior.

  • Displays of temper will not be tolerated on the field or in the playing area.

  • Play against your opponents, not the referee. Worrying and arguing over referee calls can distract players and prevent them from playing at their best. Fewer than one in one hundred referee calls have any influence on the outcome of a game.

  • Treat your teammates with respect. Put team before self.

  • Show strong character at all times, even while under pressure or after your team loses. The team will be remembered for their actions on and off the field.

  • All team members, including coaches, will shake hands with the opposing team and referee regardless of the outcome of the game.

  • Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club players shall not consume alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco products. Any player found to be under the influence alcohol or illegal drugs will be suspended from the organization until a review by the Executive Director has taken place.

  • The use of tobacco products is not allowed on the playing field at any time. Persons who use a tobacco product or similar product (E-cigarettes) must do so away from the field of play.

  • Coaches, players and parents who persist in violating these standards of conduct will jeopardize their standing within the Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club. Flagrant disregard for rules of play and standards of conduct will result in disciplinary action that may include loss of standing, loss of out-of-state travel privileges, or removal from the club.


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