Centers of Excellence


The Centers of Excellence are based on a six-week curriculum developed by the Colorado Rapids staff to promote ball mastery and fast and proficient footwork. Skills are performed repetitively so each player becomes familiar with the ball. This course will also help to develop confident and controlled players under high-pressure conditions as they get more and more comfortable with the ball and the skills being taught. 


  • Each session will be 60 minutes long.
  • Each session will have 4 segments: 1. Ball mastery; 2. Individual technique 1; 3. Individual technique 2; 4. Small-sided game.
  • All players should be learning and trying the skills being taught. We want to do this in a fun environment with lots of opportunity to try moves out and be creative with the ball.
  • The focus of this program is about the individual. No team tactics will be talked about because the program is designed to improve the skills of the individual player.
  • Session time line:
    • Ball mastery (15 minutes);
    • Individual technique 1 (15 minutes);
    • Individual technique 2 (15 minutes); and
    • Small-sided game (15 minutes).
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