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2019 Winter Classic Check-in Information

Coaches & Managers,

We will be implementing a new check-in procedure for the Winter Classic tournament.  When team’s check-in, participants will be issued a light weight wrist band that must be worn during games. This will allow Team Managers or Coaches to check-in teams without the players present! 

Youth Teams
Team Managers/Coaches – For On-line Check-in:

  1. Official Roster
  2. Player Cards
  3. Team Liability Form
  4. Travel Papers (out-of-state teams)
  5. Guest Player Forms (if any guest players)

Once your paperwork is verified, you will receive a wrist band for every player on the tournament roster. Each wrist band will be color coded and contain the team number and the player’s roster ID number.  

Adult teams
The check-in process for the Adult Division has not changed. Participants will receive their wrist band once their paperwork is verified.

During the Tournament
All players must wear their wrist band throughout the tournament.  

NOTE - If your wrist band breaks, bring it to headquarters at the Civic Center for a replacement. If you lose your wrist band, your team manager will also need to bring your player card.   

Youth Division Check-in (U8-U19)

Check-in will be all on-line. 


This season, for the 2020 Winter Classic Tournament we are going to be utilizing online check in. 

ALL TEAMS MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 5PM on Wednesday January 15th.

 To participate in the 2020 Winter Classic Tournament, teams are required to upload 3 items as part of check in:

·         Player Cards for every player
·         A Certified Team Roster
·         Team Liability Release Form
·         Guest Player Forms (If Applicable)

Permission to Travel Document (Out of State Teams)


 Steps for Online Check In

1.    Go to the Click on “User Login” in the top right corner
    Click on “Team & Team Officials”
    Log In using your team account (remember, each team has an individual login). This is the same user name and password that you used to register your team for the event
    Click on “2019 Fright Fest”
    Click on the “Documents” Tab
    In the bottom right corner, there is a box labeled “Team Document Upload” with a dropdown box. Highlight the document you wish to upload. Select the document from the “Browse” tab.
    Once the document is selected, hit “Upload File”
    Repeat steps 6 & 7 for all documents.
    Once all steps are completed, click the button “Yes” by “Notify Registrar”
 Show up at your 1st game and play some awesome soccer!

We will then check the documents, and put a green check mark by each successful document. 

If there is an issue, you will receive an email, and see a red X by the document in question. 

Upload Tips

Player Cards

·         They are allowed to be black and white
·         You can take a picture of 5 or 6 together and upload as 1 document. 
·         The key is that we are able to read name, Date of Birth and ID on each card. We are not concerned about the picture being clear.
·         We accept PDF, JPEG or any form of picture

Team Roster

·         You can take a picture or scan this in
·         We need to be able to clearly read the entire document. If it is ineligible, then it will be rejected
·         The key is that we can read name, DOB, ID on each line, and team name
·         If you have an official State or US Club roster with more players on it than are actually playing in the event, you can use a pen to cross out the players not playing and submit that roster. It just needs to be clear which players are playing on that team.
·         If you are splitting your roster in half to create 2 teams, you can submit the same roster twice for the different teams, just black out the players not playing on each team

Guest Players

·         If you have a guest player we need the following:
·         Hand write the players name at the bottom of the roster, 
·         Submit a guest player form
·         Attach the guest player card in a separate attachment.

The main thing to remember is that when we are checking teams in, we look for each player and coach to have a card with their name and DOB. The roster then needs to have those same players on it.

Dual rostering (a player being on 2 teams) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


Adult Division Check-in

Check-in will be at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, outside Rushmore Hall, by food court. See Civic Center layout.

Friday, Jan. 18 – 4:00pm to 10:00pm 
Saturday, Jan. 19 – 8:00am to 1:00pm


Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club
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Email: [email protected]

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