2018 Presidents Cup Adult Division Information

2017 Black Hills Rapids President Cup Indoor Tournament Mar 3 – 5 2017 Rapid City, South Dakota

General Tournament Requirements and Information


1.       Information/ Eligibility

  • Team captains or managers MUST send a list of players that will be participating on their team to [email protected] to validate insurance (List sent by email ONLY)
  • Players that need player cards processed MUST send a head shot to [email protected] so that a card can be processed (please send jpeg photo via email ONLY)
  • Rosters and player cards will be verified and approved at check-in and the Official Roster will be signed by the WRAS Registrar after validation is confirmed
  • Players will need to have card on site available and ready to present if requested in case of a protest is made
  • EVERY player MUST go on line to register as a USASA insured player, the site to pay for a $40 annual fee is www.westriveradultsoccer.com  to the left click on the State Adult Individual Registration a list of option will appear click on 2016-2017 WRAS Competitive Membership or WRAS Coed Membership depending on the division you will be participating in  (valid for all sanctioned tournaments) OR they may go to www.sdadultsoccer.com to pay for a 3 day weekend pass of $20 that is only valid for that tournament
  • ALL players that do not have a player card will pay the $10 at the time of check and have player card put on file (note: a photo must be sent in and USASA insurance must be paid as well so the Registrar can complete the player card)
  • All shirts/jerseys will have a unique and permanent number and match the roster, no sharing of shirts/jerseys
  • All Players in Adult divisions will follow WRAS policies, procedures, code of conduct and guidelines


2.       Rosters/Age Eligibility

  • The maximum number of players allowed on rosters is 10; minimum is 8: age eligibility for all divisions is 18 and older
  1.   Men’s World Cup -  5 V 5
  2.   Men’s Olympic - 5 v 5
  3.   Coed – note least three (3) women on the roster. Teams must also have at least Two (2) woman on the field always.
  • Roster changes may occur up and until 5:00pm on Feb 27th (no later) and ONLY by email to give the Registrar time to process card and validate eligibility, NO CHANGES after set deadline
  • Players are only allowed to play on ONE team throughout the tournament


3.       Team/Player  Check - In 

  • Check in will be done at the Rushmore Civic Center inside the arena in the room to the far right as you enter the arena Friday night from 4:00pm – 10:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am – 1:00pm
  • Teams/players that have all required documents signed and have a valid player card on file at check in one hour prior to their first scheduled game
  • Teams/players that are in need of player cards MUST check in three hours prior to their first schedule game
  • Necessary items at check - in 
  1. Signed Roster (all players must hand sign their legal signature on roster when checking in for Release of Photo/ Liability/Code of Conduct) – Toni will have at team check in
  2. Code of Conduct – Toni will have at team check in
  3. Team Liability form – Toni will have at team check in
  4. USASA current player card – Players that need card will pay the $10 fee and have card put on file
  5. Valid government issued photo ID 
  6. Non US citizen needs to complete the International Clearance form