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Pre-Select Program

Pre-Select ID Session Sign up

June 13th & 15th
Girls - 5:30 - 6:45 PM
Boys - 7:00 - 8:15 PM

Bill Schaefer

Director of Pre-Select & COE

The Pre-Select Program is for competitive U08 - U10 players. We have created a training structure and curriculum that is the best in the region. Bill will lead the program with three practices a week - two circuit style-training sessions and one individual team training (fall and spring), focusing on developing:

  • Technically sound players confident with the ball at their feet and pressure coming at them (aggressive dribblers);
  • Proper techniques on dribbling, using fakes and faints, passing and receiving while adding pressure, and to start making basic soccer decisions; and
  • Continuing to build a love for the game.

All Pre-Select teams are coached by our professional coaches and will play friendly games on the weekends or they will compete in 2-3 tournament weekends each season (fall, winter, and spring). These young players will have schedules built with a proper work to rest ratio and will have many weeks of breaks built into the schedule to assure the players do not lose that enthusiasm to play the game of soccer.